Music for trumpet, trombone and all brass and wind instruments.

Welcome to "BESPOKE BRASS"  -  a new approach to ensemble music and methods for young musicians learning the trumpet, trombone, euphonium or any other wind or brass instrument.

Educational, enjoyable and affordable.

A new and different method, full of exercises and information carefully worded for the young person starting out on trumpet, trombone or any other brass instrument. New notes and ideas are introduced gradually, and presented in a way that young musicians can relate to, and cope with both physically and mentally. 

The contents cover roughly up to ARSM grade 4, but it is not actually aimed at examinations, rather more at providing sensible and enjoyable learning. The fact that few "named tunes" are used encourages the players to read music rather than just play by ear.

The Trumpet version is suitable for all treble clef valved instruments including cornet, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium and tuba.

The Trombone version written in the bass clef also caters for orchestral and wind band euphonium and baritone players.

The author, David J Gordon plays the bass trombone with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, a post he has held since graduating from The Royal College of Music in 1977. As a freelancer he has gained a wide experience in playing most kinds of music . In his teaching David is active both in schools with the younger age groups, and in youth orchestras with older musicians .

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